Hernia Surgery

This page provides more information on the types of surgery available.

  • Types of surgery for hernias

    There are three main types of hernia surgery repair, these are;

    • Herniotomy - This is where your surgeon will remove the hernia sac.
    • Hernioplasty - This is where a mesh or other material is used to repair the hernia providing a strong reinforcement of the weak area where the hernia was located.
    • Herniorrhaphy - This is where the hernia is repaired with sutures and the patient forms scar tissue over the weak area providing reinforcement.

  • Laparoscopic or open sugery?

    Hernia surgery can be performed either open or laparoscopically (key hole surgery).

  • What if Im unfit for sugery?

    If you are unfit for surgery, conservative management would include

    • Wearing a truss
    • Weight loss
    • Treatment of COPD
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